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ANSI A137.2 - 2012.1 ANSI Specifications for Glass tile

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This voluntary standard lists and defines various types, sizes, and physical properties for glass tile. Some of the key issues addressed by the standard are:
• Methods of manufacture
• Categorization by size
• Mounting criteria for mounted glass tiles
• Definitions and test procedures for measuring translucence
• Strength criteria
• Thermal Shock resistance using real life temperature ranges
• Levels of recycled content
ANSI A137.2 is a guide which aids the general public, manufacturers, distributors, specifiers, architects, tile contractors, and other businesses and professionals in the tile industry.

Changes to A137.2-2012 were balloted and approved in 2013. The latest edition of this standard is A137.2-2013. Purchasers of the hard copy of A137.2 will receive A137.2-2012 and a printed copy of this Update. Together these documents comprise A137.2-2013.

Digital Copy: Must be purchased through Tile Council of North America - Click Here