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NTCA Regional Training Programs

Wednesday, December 6, 2017   (2 Comments)
Posted by: Trish Moss
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The National Tile Contractors Association Training Department is responding to demand from our members to provide in-depth, day-long training in each of the NTCA's 12 regions. 

In 2018, your training department will be presenting 20 individual one day-long Regional Training Programs. These programs will begin in February and will run through November, 2018. They will be in addition to the coast-to-coast, north-to-south traveling workshop programs NTCA has become famous for over its 7 decades of training excellence.

As you already know, like every NTCA training event our Regional Training Programs will be based on accepted tile industry standards, methods and best practices.  These are the installation practices you and your customers can trust.

This program will take attendees on an introductory journey into the tile industry standards found in ANSI A108 and the Tile Council of North America Handbook. Attendees will learn how to navigate and use the ANSI A108 standards and TCNA Handbook then will use their new knowledge to address some of real world challenges in practical hands on installations focusing on the all important process of substrate examination and preparation for installing large format tile.

Here is a sampling of some of the questions you will have answered during the Standard Practices for Substrates and LFT program:

·         What is ANSI, TCNA, ASTM?

·         What are ANSI A108, ANSI A118, A136, A137.1 and A137.2?

·         Why do I need to know about ANSI standards?

·         What is the TCNA Handbook?

·         Why do I need the TCNA Handbook?

·         How do I use the TCNA Handbook?

·         What are the different kinds of substrate and why are there standards for them?

·         Why do I need to know how to examine and prepare a substrate?

·         How do I properly prepare a substrate?

·         Why aren’t some techniques good enough for fixing a substrate and setting tile?

·         How is this going to help me make money?

·         What is Qualified Labor and why does it matter to me?

Standards based installation of Gauged Porcelain Tile and Gauged Porcelain Panels/Slabs

In case you haven’t heard yet, the really big, thin tiles are here to stay. In fact if you don’t get on board with learning how to install them based on the brand new tile industry standards you may soon find your self on the outside looking in on some wonderful new contracting and installation opportunities. This program is your chance to learn about the basics of the tile industry standards and get an in- depth look at the new standards and methods for installing Gauged Porcelain Tile and Panels (GPTP). You will learn why this tile format is the wave of the future, how it is made, designs it is used for and the special tools, setting materials and techniques required to install it.

Here is a sampling of some of the questions you will have answered during the GPTP program:

·         What is a Gauged Porcelain Tile or a Gauged Porcelain Panel (GPTP)?

·         What is ANSI, TCNA, ASTM?

·         What are ANSI A108.19 and ANSI A137.3?

·         Why do I want to know how to install GPTP?

·         What are all of these specialty tools and why do I need them to install GPTP?

·         Why do I need special training and a trained team to install GPTP?

·         How is this going to help me make money?

·         What is Qualified Labor and why does it matter to me?

If you think you aren’t a book person, don’t let that keep you from registering. I will personally be on hand to work with you and help you figure this stuff out. I understand what these books do to help you as a tile industry professional.  I want to help you become better at what you do to make a living. I will help you understand what these books do for you.

These programs are open to NTCA members only and are one of your many excellent benefits of NTCA membership. The training is 100% free to NTCA members. You don’t even need to bring a lunch. We’ll take care of everything. All you have to do is show up and bring the latest edition of the TCNA Handbook that you received as a member. If you don’t have your copy, we will tell you how to get one when you register.

Expert trainers from the NTCA and tile industry manufacturer and distribution partners will team up to ensure every NTCA member attendee receives a high quality experience and information they can use to produce incredible installations based on industry standards. This is a great way to use your NTCA membership to improve yourself.  This is going to be good stuff.

Be ready to work your mind and body. Sure, I’m going to make you wear a goofy nametag. Yes, we are going to do some classroom training but I want you dressed and ready to grab a mixer and a snap cutter and a trowel.  We are going to build.

When we are done, the NTCA Training Department will issue you a certificate of completion. How cool is that? You’ll probably have to buy your own frame, but you are going to want one of these to show your boss or your next client that you take professional education seriously. You are going to want to post it on your social media page for all to see.

I personally will be at every one of these training programs and I encourage you to register immediately. These programs are in high demand and seating is limited to ensure every attendee receives the highest quality attention and experience.

The full schedule is published now.  Register today.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at one of these events!

Mark Heinlein Training Director
National Tile Contractors Association CTI #1112


NTCA says...
Posted Wednesday, December 6, 2017
The regional scheduled will be posted on the website by December 15th. Please check this link periodically for an updated schedule.
Serina Buchanan says...
Posted Wednesday, December 6, 2017
where can i find the published scheduled?