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Coverings 2020 President's Letter

Sunday, March 15, 2020  
Posted by: Trish Moss
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Social Media Warriors: 
Doing it right for all the right reasons

I am excited to talk about something that has helped to reshape the landscape of the tile community. It is not new, but is growing in its impact and effectiveness.

Construction work means you get up early. Usually that means I am up earlier that the rest of my family on the weekends. On this morning, I am making pancakes for everyone before they get up. It’s fun for me to do that. What else am I doing? Multi-tasking, watching social media posts about tile. I heard something that made me proud to be a part of an industry that takes so much pride in uplifting the people around us for all of the right reasons. There are so many people sharing their passion for the industry on social media. Though it’s impossible to see ALL the information out there, I try to keep up.

That morning I had a chance to watch a video posted by a tile contractor who was excited about learning new things and relearning many of the things he thought he knew – correcting his understanding of how to get the most out of his time and skills. Now he is dedicated to telling others of some of the multiple paths to learning and improving their knowledge and skills. Part of this was through his CTI experience and the ever-expanding connections he was making through his posts, other sites, friends and supporters of like-minded craft professionals.

Through promoting his passion, he was clearly committed to learning more about how to get it right. His post started as an interview with someone who was his competitor, but also someone who was a collaborator for new challenges or obstacles. In that case, they relied on each other for support or advice on certain projects. He encouraged his competitor/collaborator to take the CTI evaluation. In fact, he offered to underwrite his CTI test and pay for the test fee if after he finished, he did not find value in the experience. He wanted his competitor to understand why he had found so much value in the CTI. He was determined to share it. He wanted everyone in his universe (unlimited now with social media) to dive into training and learning for the sake of doing it better. He was clearly pumped about sharing his pride, what he was learning. Now his mission is to show others where to get the information he had found.

But wait, it gets better. He talked for a moment to one of the guys on his team. They discussed what was clearly an ongoing conversation: how the mutual goal was to train up his apprentice to one day leave and go compete against him! Let that sink in. Many people talk about living in the paradigm of “A Rising Tide Lifts all Ships;” few people actually walk the walk. This may have been one of the best examples I have seen of watching someone walking the walk.

There are scores of dedicated, talented people showing their love of the industry on social media sites like John Bridge, Tile Geeks, GTP, Tile Money, Tile Love, Tile Professionals. Not to mention the NTCA Facebook page, the NTCA Members Only Facebook group,  and NTCA’s website listing all of the information and initiatives available through the association. You probably recognize some of the leaders taking it to the next level; Mark H., Brad, Sal, Luke, Jason McD.

Thanks also to all of the manufacturers and great companies engaging in and supporting the Online Tile Army. Apologies in advance for not being able to recognize everyone.

Social media offers a forum to showcase incredible and unique works of art created by tile professionals. Thanks to the Social Media Warriors supporting each other and having a little bit of fun along the way. Many of you will be at Coverings. I will consider myself lucky to spend some time with you and share your excitement for what we do. Thank you for working so hard to get it right and doing it for all of the right reasons.

Chris Walker
NTCA President
Vice President, David Allen Company
Chairman, ANSI A-108
Chairman, US TAG ISO TC-189
Board of Directors ABC-VA
Voting Member TCNA Handbook
Voting Member NTCA Reference Manual