NTCA "Tom Ade" Scholarship
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NTCA Members - Your Child or Grandchild can Apply for the NTCA
"Tom Ade" Ceramic Tile Scholarship!


The NTCA “Tom Ade” ceramic tile scholarship has been established by the National Tile Contractors Association to provide educational opportunities for children or grandchildren of NTCA Contractor Members. Tom Ade is a former NTCA regional director and a previous recipient of our Ring Of Honor and Tile Person of the Year Awards.  Through his generosity and support of training and education, funds have been earmarked to launch this scholarship.

The scholarship will encompass a $5,000 contribution to the educational institution of choice for the applicant.  In addition, NTCA will cover travel and registration costs to attend Coverings, the tile industry’s premier exhibition and educational event, held May 8-11th in Atlanta, GA.  The scholarship recipient will be recognized at the NTCA Awards reception. These dates are important to notate; as it is mandatory for the recipient to be present at the awards ceremony.  If the scholarship winner is not able to attend, an alternate recipient will be named.

Funds are made possible through the generous donations of NTCA members: total donations will determine the number of scholarship recipients each year.  Applications will be reviewed by a committee of the NTCA Board of Directors and members of the NTCA staff. 

Additional $2,500 scholarships may be awarded based on donations made to the association scholarship fund.

2017 Tom Ade Ceramic Tile Scholarships Winners

Tom Ade Ceramic Tile Scholarships were awarded and made possible by longtime NTCA Member Tom Ade, a former NTCA regional director and a previous recipient of the NTCA's Ring of Honor and Tile Person of the Year Awards. 

  • 2017 - Noah Boek, $5000 recipient
  • 2017 - Hunter Marshall, $2000 recipient
  • 2017 - Grant Rheinschmidt, $2000 recipient
  • 2017 - Allison Hohn, $1000 recipient

Mr. Tom Ade



March 1, 2018
Scholarship awarded at

Coverings 2018

Click Here for a printable scholarship application.  
All applications received after March 1, 2018 will apply to 2019.


Scholarship Selection Criteria:

  1. Applicant must be a child or grandchild of an NTCA Contractor member or their employee and be in good standing with the association.
  2. Applicant must submit an application form and essay detailing their career goals and what they will do with the scholarship funds, along with a letter of recommendation from an individual not in the applicant’s immediate family.
  3. Funds can be used for college, apprenticeship, vocational school, technical school, etc. 
  4. Funds will be allocated to the school or institution named in the application, and not to the individual.
  5. The scholarship is a one time award and will be paid in one allocation of funds. 

Please Complete the Scholarship Application below to be considered for the 2018 NTCA "Tom Ade" Ceramic Tile Scholarship: