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Is Ceramic Tile Green?




The answer is YES!  When you buy ceramic or porcelain floor tile, you are buying the most eco-friendly type of flooring available. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why:


  • DURABILITY:  When properly installed and maintained, your ceramic tile has an expected “lifespan” of 50 years. This reduces time, money and resources spent on extracting raw material, manufacturing, transportation, installation, demolition and disposal requirements.


  • MATERIAL EXTRACTION:  Ceramics are made from 100% natural and plentiful raw materials that are usually found in close proximity to the factories, thus reducing fuel consumption and transportation costs.


  • RECYCLED CONTENT:  Most of our ceramic tile suppliers manufacture their products in a “closed loop” process that recycles raw material and water wastes back into the production cycle. Even the “leftovers” are ground up for use in paving bricks and road filler.


  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY:  Ceramic tiles do not absorb or emit pollutants. When used with most common cement-based setting and grouting materials, available at Mid-America Tile, your flooring system can inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and viruses, letting you breathe easier.


  • MAINTENANCE:  Ceramic tiles can be cleaned using just warm water and pH-neutral cleaners. There is no need to use chemicals, waxes, strippers, solvents or shampoos that add to the level of toxic cleaning products being flushed into our ecosystem.


  • WASTE REDUCTION:  Ceramic tile has been proven to survive fire and floods, can be installed over existing tile and salvaged or disposed of easily. Its color-fast and non-fading nature means it never needs replacement throughout its lifespan.






Are Tile Setting Materials Green?



The answer is, some tile setting materials are green, but to be sure, look for the Green Squared® logo.


Green Squared® involves one industry, one standard, and one mark and covers the gamut of products used in a tile installation. As the first multi-attribute sustainability standard developed for tiles and tile installation materials, Green Squared uses the transparency and consensus of the ANSI process combined with third party certification to evaluate, validate, and communicate products which have a positive impact on the environment and society.


Green Squared covers product characteristics, manufacturing, end of product life management, progressive corporate governance, and innovation in an effort to establish sustainability criteria for products throughout their full lifecycle.