Get Involved as a NTCA Ambassador
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Get Involved as a NTCA Ambassador

Serving as an NTCA Ambassador is a way to demonstrate your passion for the tile industry and further establish your credentials in the field. NTCA Ambassadors are expected to be advocates for the tile industry, for quality tile installations, and for the NTCA as an association. 

As an Ambassador, you will:

*Be non-proprietary (no brand-name promotions)
*Be supportive of NTCA educational programs
  (promoting & attending if at all possible)
*Be a local ‘go-to’ for tile installation information (NTCA
  staff will support you)

Specific Duties:

*Positively promote qualified labor, certification, & the
*Actively recommend and recruit new members;
*Promote and attend local NTCA Tile & Stone workshops (assist host with “Why Join NTCA” posters,   provide literature/applications, and highlight the     benefits of membership if given the opportunity);
*Send all new members a welcome e-mail (new   member contact information will be sent to you on a   monthly basis). This is a great way to network and help   new members feel welcome;
*Send Jim Olson news of industry events or happenings in your area;
*Participate in periodic conference calls and   networking to share ideas and further our efforts to   move the industry forward.

NTCA Ambassadors bring to the forefront the leaders in our industry from each region of the country and increase the breadth and strength of professionals throughout our association.


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    For more information on becoming a NTCA Ambassador, please contact Jim Olson at

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