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The National Tile Contractors Association 401(k) Plan

By joining the National Tile Contractors Association 401(k) Plan you are able to provide a powerful retirement plan, help save money, and spend less time administering it.


• No annual audit.
• Cost savings on the investments.
• No individual Form 5500 reporting.
• Minimal plan maintenance.
• Flexible plan features, including safe harbor, Roth, and profit sharing.
• Customizable 401(k) plan design options involving eligibility, matches, vesting schedules, and more.
•Fully integrated with the NTCA Member endorsed payroll system NETCHEX.

The National Tile Contractors Association 401(k) Plan, from a government reporting standpoint, is treated like one large plan. The end result for you is a 401(k) plan with competitive investments, outstanding service, and someone else doing a majority of the plan maintenance legwork.

With 1300 members in our association, we bring a large, powerful group to one unified plan. When you utilize the National Tile Contractors Association 401(k) Plan, you have all the advantages and flexibility of a stand-alone plan sponsor, but avoid the expenses and administrative burden associated with sponsoring a single employer plan.












By participating in the National Tile Contractors Association 401(k) Plan, virtually all administrative tasks
can be offloaded from you to Transamerica and National Tile Contractors Association.
Tasks that can be shifted may include:
• Administrative responsibilities.
• Employee eligibility tracking.
• Distribution processing.
• Plan compliance.
• Nondiscrimination testing.
• Annual reporting.
• Participant enrollment/education.
The result is more time for you to focus on running your business. 

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