What is NTCA
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Established in 1947, the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the professional installation of ceramic tile and natural stone.  It is widely recognized as the largest and most respected tile contractors association in the world.

      For those seeking excellence in their business, the NTCA provides unparalleled educational experiences, fostered through supportive peer interaction, unique cost-savings programs, a determination to help you develop the skills needed to improve and enjoy your craft, train and manage your employees, and to prosper in your business.  And we celebrate your accomplishments!
The NTCA is your partner in equipping and enabling you to build your skills, manage your employees,and profit in your business.

NTCA promises to support you every step of the way, no matter how large or small your company. Because it isn’t about us – it’s about you. 


Industry Support
The NTCA strives to improve the trade through education and training, participation in the development of standards and methods, and communication of our initiatives to related trades.  We firmly believe that manufacturers producing quality products, sold by trained distributors, and professionally installed by qualified contractors for satisfied customers, will result in increased use and consumption of tile and stone in our market. 

Education – Dedication
NTCA members take pride in being a part of an association that has spearheaded education for the professional installation of ceramic tile and allied products. We have dedicated our Association, people and resources to the betterment of the ceramic tile and allied industries and are engaged in a wide variety of activities on behalf of our members and our industry.

Service to Our Members
NTCA's goal for our members is to assist them in growing their business. NTCA's member products and services speak to each area of the tile contracting business from the installation side to the business side.  Our real time technical assistance can give the contractor real time advice on the job.  NTCA has a jobsite safety program.  NTCA also offers marketing programs. Insurance programs and best business practice programs.  Become an NTCA member and see what we can do for you.

 NTCA 2018 Annual Report