NTCA Member Spotlight
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Monthly Member Spotlight 2019 


Introducing the NTCA Monthly Member Spotlight! Each month we’ll showcase a member.
Get to know your fellow members.

      May Member Spotlight - Avalon Flooring
Avalon Flooring (AvalonFlooring.com) was started by John Millar in 1958 with a single store in Avalon, NJ. It has since grown to 15 stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with 330+ employees. In 2018, Avalon Flooring became 100% ESOP (employee stock ownership plan). Read more.......


April Member Spotlight - Deen Contracting
In the prairie of the Midwest – Springfield, Ill. – my career started with a broom, and the willingness to clean up construction sites and use a shovel. I was a summer helper for my friend’s father who built elaborate houses in Springfield, and worked on part of their extensive remodel on an old mansion. Read more.......

      March Member Spotlight - Artisan Tile
Sometimes, good things can come from bad beginnings. By his own admission, Michael Moreno, the owner of Artisan Tile, was a “horrible helper” when he started out in 1987 in Santa Barbara, Calif., where he was employed for a husband/wife tile setting team. Read more.......

      February Member Spotlight - Rodkat
I grew up working in a custom cabinet shop that my parents owned. I was always building something and learned, at a young age, the skills of working and creating with my hands. At age 16, I started working with a schoolmate that had seven older brothers, all with their own tile company.
Read more.......
        January Member Spotlight - A+ Tile & Stone/Five Star Contractor
Russell Laird, of A+ Tile & Stone in Sacramento, Calif., (aplustileandstone.thebluebook.com) has made a name for himself in the tiling world, aiming for excellence in his typically commercial, public works projects. Read more.......

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