Member Categories
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    CONTRACTOR MEMBERSHIP     $600/annually
or $55/month
      Specializes in the installation of ceramic tile and natural stone and allied products. Stays informed on technology and trends through education and training and employs and hires individuals to be installers.  NTCA Contractor Members receive up to $2000 in free product vouchers every year with your paid membership.   
    DISTRIBUTOR MEMBERSHIP     $600/annually       Involved in the import and purchase and resale of ceramic tile, natural stone and its related products.  Works closely with specifiers, architects, builders and consumers to provide these products in residential and commercial projects. Sells wholesale to the tile contractor/installer.    
    MANUFACTURER MEMBERSHIP     $600/annually

Involved in the production and manufacture of ceramic tile and natural stone or its allied products and sells these products through distribution or to the tile contractor/installer.

    CONSULTANT MEMBERSHIP     $600/annually
      Is retained to provide either business advice or services or as technical services through inspections, quality control management, and project review.    



NTCA Special Member Designations

Five-Star Members
    NTCA Five-Star members have completed and been approved for acceptance in a strong association accreditation program.  Five-Star Members have been NTCA members for over three consecutive years, have an active safety program, are committed to continuing education, training and certification for their installers, and have many formal recommendations from their customers, suppliers, and peers in the tile installation industry. If you are an existing NTCA Contractor Member and would like to become a Five-Star Contractor please contact Amber Fox, or 619-247-1832.
      NTCA Recognized Consultant     NTCA Recognized Consultant members are carefully screened by the NTCA Standards and Methods Committee to ensure the most competent and qualified people are honored with this distinction. The sole purpose of The Recognized Consultant Program is to provide ceramic tile contractors and consumers with a recognized expert to consult with before and after installing ceramic tile or allied products. If you are interested in becoming a NTCA Recognized Consultant please click here and complete the form.