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All National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) members bring value to their businesses from being a member of our association.  The members who get involved, however, not only give back to the tile and stone industry, but also find themselves on the cutting edge of industry best practices.

Listen to input directly from NTCA members who are currently involved in NTCA Boards and Committees:

" In search of knowledge and understanding of complex tile installations I ran across the National Tile Contractors Association back in 2005, I made a call and had a chat with them and decided to join. It was the best investment I have made in my business, after attending Surfaces and meeting fellow NTCA members face to face I realized it offered more than just a membership. It offered opportunity to get involved in the industry I work in."




Martin Brookes, Heritage Marble Masonry & Tile, Mill Valley, California

NTCA Board of Directors Member

NTCA Membership Committee Chairperson

NTCA Methods & Standards Committee Member

NTCA Technical Committee Member

 “The NTCA publishes TileLetter magazine every month.  When I started receiving TileLetter in the mail I started to learn more about this organization. The more I spoke with people involved in NTCA the more I realized this organization was trying to better our industry at the installer level which most of us are. To most contractors out there they see what they do as a job.  What I see in the people of NTCA is passion for this industry and a support to their members. The NTCA is leading the way looking out for installers to get them educated and certified.  What do these certifications do for this industry you ask?  They make it a better work environment when we have standards established by qualified and experienced tradesmen who are working with the manufacturers and the TCNA to set installers up with a guidelines and standards to follow in order to succeed. There are many benefits of the NTCA but what stands out to me is the passion of the members at all levels of this organization to make it a better place to work as an installer. At NTCA we all share the passion to make it a better industry. The people who join NTCA and become involved are the ones with passion for the tile industry, for them it is not just a job it is a way of life. “


Jon Donmoyer

JD Tile, Annville, Pennsylvania

NTCA Board of Director Member

NTCA Membership Committee Member

Following is a list of boards and committees a member can become involved in:


  • How to get involved as a Regional Director


 NTCA Board of Directors





NTCA Technical Committee

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