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James Woelfel is a third generation tile contractor who runs Artcraft Granite,  Marble and Tile Company in Mesa, Arizona. Artcraft is an NTCA Five-Star Contractor and a national award-winning company, which employs Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) and Advanced Certifications in Tile installation (ACT) certified installers.


In addition to the daily operations at Artcraft, James is a tireless advocate for strengthening industry standards and methods. As President of the NTCA, his vision for the association includes

creating an international footprint and continuing the

development of improved industry-wide installation standards.

He becomes President of the NTCA following 8 years as Chairman

of the NTCA Technical Committee, joining a short list of people who have served in both positions at the same time.


As Technical Committee Chairman, James works with

representatives from all sectors of the tile industry, leading the committee to meld cutting edge technologies with proven trade techniques to continually update the NTCA Reference Manual.

The manual, in its cause-cure-and-prevention format, helps to

avert installation problems and identify causes for installation



James represents the NTCA on the Tile Council of North

America (TCNA) Handbook Committee, and serves on the

ANSI ASC 108 Committee, making Artcraft Granite, Marble

and Tile Company one of two contractors worldwide to sit

on all three committees.  James is also a member of the

Committee for the Development of Thin Porcelain Tile

Installation in the United States and was Chairman of the

subcommittee that established the large module tile substrate preparation module for the ACT certification.

In November 2011 James was honored with the prestigious

“NTCA Tile Person of the Year” award for his service to the tile

and stone industry and his work in helping to create the TCNA

stone tile installation methods.


James is a forensic tile consultant for J.G. Woelfel & Associates (www.jgwoelfel.com). His expertise is sought in providing

installation inspections, pre-construction specifications,

job oversight, forensic investigations and expert testimony.


He is ma

rried to his beautiful wife, Chris. They have one son,

Preston. James has also been known to enjoy a round of

golf now and then.



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