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 Busting Tile
Installation Myths

Date: Tuesday,

October 18, 2016

Time:  1:00 PM

Duration:  1 hour

Host:  Jim Olson 

Presenter: Dale Roberts

Meeting Description:

In this webinar for contractors, architects and designers, Dale will uncover many true facts of tile installation while busting common myths, rumors and misunderstandings.  Participants at a variety of knowledge levels will walk away with a better understanding of specifications, building codes and the TCNA handbook, as well as mortars, grouts and other tile installation products. The presentation explores how to read and interpret specifications, and more importantly, how to write clear and concise specifications as well. The unit explores a deeper understanding of the building codes for tile and stone as well as the TCNA handbook.  Highlights will include:
1. Interpreting relevant tile and stone specifications.
2. Recognizing how to properly utilize the TCNA handbook and other reference material.
3. Summarizing relevant building codes for tile and stone.
4. Distinguishing today’s evolving tile and stone terminology.


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